The Logan Project

The Logan Project is a research project that I helped to start in 2015. We do research on Process-Driven Math, a fully audio method of math instruction and assessment that I helped develop when I became a student at Auburn University at Montgomery.  I am blind and I don’t read braille, so I needed more tools to be able to succeed in my college math classes. I was able to do really well using Process-Driven Math and now the method has been adapted so that sighted students can use it too. We are trying to help more students and show that the method can help many different types of learners succeed.

Currently we are funded by the National Science Foundation  and we are working with students at four colleges in Alabama as well as Schools for the Blind in three different states. We have given conference presentations, written a peer-reviewed article, and conducted training workshops. The best part the project is working with students and giving them access to tools that allow them to succeed in their math classes.

To learn more, please visit The Logan Project on AUM’s website