Welcome! My name is Logan Prickett.

I am a Christian first and foremost. I am a southern boy who likes to hunt, fish, and do extreme sports.  I am a Psychology major at Auburn University at Montgomery and one warhawkof the founders of a math research project called The Logan Project. Some of the ways I do things are different from most people because I am blind, I am a wheelchair user, I can’t speak above a whisper, and I have a ton of motor control deficits. You can learn more about my story by visiting my About Page.

God has helped me overcome all of these these unique barriers. For example, I control my iPhone using a  built-in feature called Switch Control.  This accessibility feature allows me to communicate with people, go on YouTube,  listen to music, listen to books, and read and answer my emails. You can learn more about how I manage my devices by going to my Technology Page.

I also have a strategy in place to make hunting accessible. I use this piece of equipment called an iScope. It attaches my phone to the scope on my gun. The camera is lined up with the scope so my helper can see what is in the cross hairs while I am holding the gun.

Once the target is in the center of the cross hairs, my assistant tells me to pull the trigger, and after that there’s meat in the freezer.

There are so many other unique ways I engage with life’s activities, and you can learn more about them as you read my blog posts. I created this blog to share my experiences, both good and bad, as well as my perspectives on many topics that interest me and I hope they will also interest you, too. I  encourage you to comment on my Blog Posts because I want to know your perspectives as well.